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Wire Solder

P. Kay's Puretronix wire solder is extruded and manufactured using state-of-the-art extruding and wire drawing processes. It is available as solid wire or flux cored wire in a wide variety of diameters and spool sizes. Each spool is level wound, providing kink-free distribution to the work area. Puretronix wire solder is available in one pound, five pound, and twenty-five pound spools. Pay off packs are also available.

Diameters & Gauges

Diameter (Inches) Gauge Diameter (mm) Standard
0.157 9 3.962 *
0.141 10 3.581
0.125 11 3.175 *
0.109 12 2.769
0.093 13 2.362 *
0.083 14 2.108
0.072 15 1.829
0.062 16 1.575 *
0.058 17 1.473
0.050 18 1.270 *
0.040 19 1.016 *
0.035 20 0.889
0.032 21 0.813 *
0.025 22 0.640
0.020 23 0.500

Industry standard solder alloys are listed in the above table. Other solder alloys may also be available. Alloy selection is determined by melting temperature and application.

NOTE: P. Kay Metal specifications meet or exceed those established in ASTMB-32, ANSI/J-STD 006 (formerly QQS-571F) and JIS z3282.

Flux Core Types

Description Non-activated Rosin Mildly Activated Rosin Activated Rosin No Clean Water Soluble Organic
Performance Characteristics Extremely mild, for military and very clean electronic assembly surfaces. Mild for military and electronic assemblies General use in electronic and electrical assembly. Cosmetically clean appearance after soldering. Similar to RMA in terms of activity. Very active, residue easily removed.
Residue Removal Not required but solvent or saponifier soluble. Not required but solvent or saponifier soluble. Generally not required but solvent or saponifier soluble Not required but solvent or saponifier soluble. Residue must be removed. Neutralizer and warm water required
Use on these surfaces Platinum, Gold, Copper, Tin, Silver, Palladium, Solder Platinum, Gold, Copper, Tin, silver, Palladium, Solder Same as RMA plus; Nickel, Cadmium, Brass, Lead, Bronze, Beryllium Copper Platinum, Gold, Copper, Tin, Silver, Palladium, Solder Same as: R.A. plus: Kovar, Nickel-Iron