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Lead-Free Alloys

In response to global environmental demand for lead-free products including lead-free solder, P. Kay offers standard and IPC recomended lead-free alloys. Alternative lead-free alloys are also available.

Puretronix Solder Purity Levels

Alloy Composition Celsius Farenheit
In52Sn48 118 e 244.4 e
Sn42Bi58 138 e 280.4 e
Sn95.5Ag3.8Cu0.7 217 e 422.6 e
Sn95.8Ag3.5Cu0.7 217 e 422.6 e
Sn95Ag4Cd1 216 219 420.8 426.2
Sn95Ag5 221 245 429.8 473.2
Sn95Sb5 235 240 455.0 464.0
Sn96Ag2.5Cu0.5Bi1 214 218 417.2 424.4
Sn96.3Ag2.5Cu0.7Sb0.5 210 216 410.0 420.8
Sn96.3Ag3.7 221 e 429.8 e
Sn96.4Ag3.2Cu0.4 217 e 422.6 e
Sn96.5Ag3.5 221 e 440.6 e
Sn97Cu3 227 300 440.6 572.0
Sn99.3Cu0.7 227 e 440.6 e
Sn99.9 232 mp 449.6 mp

  1. The Solidus (SOL) and Liquidus (LIQ) temperature values are provided for information only and are not intended to be a requirement in the formulation of the alloys. In the "LIQ" columns, an "e" indicated eutectic alloys and an "mp" indicated the tabulated solidus temperature represents the melting point for the elements. Although efforts have been made to document the correct solidus and liquidus temperatures for each alloy, users of this standard are advised to verify these temperature values before use.
  2. Sn95Sb5 has a nominal antimony (Sb) mass percentage of 5.0% and an allowable antimony percentable range of 4.0% to 6.0%.
  3. Sn99.9 is included in this standard for use in replenishing tin in wave soldering baths and is NOT suitable for use as a stand-alone solder because of potential performance and reliability problems.