The production of ASTM standard industrial solder has been a P. Kay Metal tradition since 1978. Wire solder, bar solder and lead-free solder are available, and all products are created from high-grade quality raw materials, to meet every industrial and manufacturing challenge.

Our ISO 9001:2008 Certification requires that all products made by P. Kay Metal, Inc. are produced using a consistent high standard quality system. These practices ensure that P. Kay can and will consistently deliver products and services that meet our customer's quality requirements. This certification further strengthens our management commitment to customer satisfaction, internal communication, and continual improvement.

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Bar Solder


Our Puretronix bar solder is a homogenous bar exhibiting miminal oxide levels with less dross, fewer bridges, and more reliable solder joints. This translates to increased production efficiencies and improved return on your solder investment.

Lead-Free Alloys

solder_leadfree210.jpgIn response to global environmental demand for lead-free products, P. Kay offers standard and IPC recomended lead-free alloys. Alternative lead-free alloys are also available.



Wire Solder

solder_wire.gifOur Puretronix wire solder is extruded and manufactured using state of the art extruding and wire drawing processes. It is available as solid wire or flux cored wire in a wide variety of diameters and spool sizes. 


Lead Products

solder_industrial.gifWe provide Bar, Ingot, Billet, Engineered Extrusion lead products with custom shapes and sizes available.




flux-fade.jpgOur flux chemistry runs the gamut from Water Soluble to No-Clean and VOC-Free formulations.