Lab Services

Quality Lab Services

QA_1.jpgP. Kay’s success is built around the quality products we produce. Our analytical lab, complete with ICP (inductively coupled plasma) spectrometer, is the focal point of our quality-control system. We offer these services to our customers through the micro-scan solder analysis program.

The micro-scan report details the status of your solder pot, and offers suggestions based on the levels of contamination that are present.

We also have a charting service for customers who perform analysis on a regular basis and want a graphical representation of the contaminant levels in their solder over time.

Quality Working Conditions

QA_3.jpgFacility  maintenance  procedures and BAT Environmental Air monitoring systems are used to ensure a safe workplace for all.

Employees are required to undergo blood-lead testing, regular training and OSHA approved lead safety procedures to insure their safety and the safety of their families.