MS2® for International Companies

012151798_prevstill.jpegFinding reliable metal suppliers outside the US can be difficult and costly. By greatly reducing the amount of metal required to be purchased for the manufacturing process, MS2® is a cost-effective solution that helps protect companies against commodity cost swings and interruptions in the supply chain. Not only does MS2® provide a more effective, economical method for reducing solder dross, it eliminates many of the packing and shipping issues associated with other solutions.

MS2® is RoHS compliant, and works with global requirements for chemicals and waste disposal. For instance, dross reducing powders are considered hazardous, and require special handling and shipping because of their toxic classification. However, MS2® does not require any special handling, air shipping or storage requirements.

As a supplier to many global organizations, P Kay Metal has local distributors and online training available in most countries throughout the world. Contact us for more information.

MS2® works in both lead-free and leaded environments, making the transition to lead-free easier. Find out more about MS2® for use with lead-free or leaded solder.