MS2® Conforms to Your Needs with Multiple Processes

AD_vid.jpgHow Does MS2® Work?

Dross consists of metal oxides plus otherwise good solder metal bound up with the oxides, and thus unavailable for soldering. This metal makes up at least 70% of the dross amount. In a wave solder machine that’s as much as 3 lbs. or more per hour.

When MS2® is added to the solder bath (200–300 ml, once or twice per shift), it prevents dross from forming on the surface, while any dross generated by the exposed solder wave is immediately converted back into usable metal, which thickens until it can be easily skimmed away. The spent material can then be inexpensively shipped back to P. Kay Metal for recycling.

ms2300.jpgOffline Process

When used in the offline method using our new DOFFS offline equipment for MS2®, you can recycle all of your own dross back into new solder bars ready for re–use. You recapture all the value instead of sharing it with a recycler. Click here to view process video.



View the Online Process VideoOnline Process

When used online, MS2® continues to remove metal oxides as solder is pumped through the system, thus cleansing and purifying the bath. This in turn lowers surface tension, enhances wetting, and reduces solder–related defects.


View JH1 Basket Demo VideoJH-1 Basket

When MS2® is used in conjunction with the P.Kay Metal JH-1 reclamation basket, virtually all dross can be reclaimed back to useable solder as needed. Using MS2® in this manner becomes a batch reclamation method instead of being part of the soldering process.